Design of Nonlinear Acoustic metamaterials | July 2018 to May 2019
Mechanics of Materials | Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department

Developed an analytical model for wave propagation in a periodically arranged structure of multiphase material.

Developed a numerical framework in combination with Floquet-Bloch theory to understand bandgap behavior of Nonlinear Acoustic metamaterials.

Design and Development of Lunar Rover for space exploration | May 2017 to Nov 2017
Space unmanned vehicle | Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department

Design of unmanned rover which will be used for exploration of moon surface and for moving smoothly on the lunar terrain.

Modified the bogie of the rocker-bogie suspension, by replacing it with tri-wheel assembly for providing it better traversing ability over ditch-type obstacles.

Conceptual Design to transfer the Handicapped person from Railway station platform to their coaches | Dec 2016 to Feb 2017
Machine Design | Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department

Conceptualized the design of a vehicle consisting of a vertically displaceable platform.

Obtained design constraints by visiting nearby railway stations and interacting with many handicapped passengers.

Development of SMA based pipe crawling robot | July 2018 to Nov 2018
Machine Design | Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department

Conceptualized the design of a bioinspired pipe inspection autonomous robot consisting of gripping and driving modules actuated by SMA (shape memory alloy) based springs.

Calculated the actuation force, spring index, friction coefficient for brake pads and pitch of actuation springs.

Conceptual design to transfer handicapped Person from Railway Station platform to their Coaches | 2017
IJMPE Journal | Abhishek Gupta, Md Tabrez Alam

Paper ID: AR-MCIPE-DELH-29077-802

Thermal electrical analysis of serpentine shaped sensing element geometries to enhance the responsivity of a thermoresistive sensor | 2019
SPIE Conference on structural health monitoring and nondestructive evaluation | Abhishek Gupta, Wei-Chih Wang

SPIE Conference, Denver, Colorado

Development of Uncooled microbolometer focal plane array using inkjet printing at Micro Technology Laboratory (MTL), National Tsing Hua University Taiwan | May-July 2018

Different serpentine shaped absorber geometries were simulated on Ansys thermal electrical module to test the dependence of absorber geometry on temperature change.

Multiplexer readout circuit has been used to read out the output of the focal plane array and to convert it into a digital image.

Conceptual design of vehicle-mounted laser system for standoff neutralization of explosive hazards at Defense Research and development organization (DRDO), New Delhi | May to June 2017
Computational Design

Prepared a CAD model of TATA Safari Storme vx Varicor 400 on Solidworks. Back seats were removed to make enough space for mounting the components of the laser ordnance disposal system.

Designed the vibration isolation pads and mounts for inhibiting the vibrations occurring due to the diesel generator to reach the laser pointing system.

Design of Doctoring Rewinding machine at ITC ltd., Sidcul Haridwar Uttarakhand | May 2017
Industrial Machine Design

Designed a Doctoring Rewinding Machine on 3D CAD tool, replaced belt drive with gear drive for more accurate control over angular speed.

Prepared a web-guide separately and then mounted it on the machine, used linear motors to control the movement of the web in a more precise and accurate manner.

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant | Spring Semester of 2018
Worked to instill academic zeal and helped freshmen cope with academic pressure. Delivered lectures on Engineering Drawing (MIN-108) for the freshmen batch, spring semester 2018.
Formula Green | 2017
Participated in Formula electric Racing competition, Formula Green-2017, as a part of the team IIT Roorkee Motorsports.
Powerdrift, Nitro RC car racing competition | 2016
Participated in Powerdrift competition, Nitro RC car racing competition organized in Annual technical fest (Cognizance) of IIT Roorkee. Remodeled an old Nitro RC car to take part in the competition.
IIT Roorkee Motorsports | Jan 2016 to April 2019
Mechanical Design
Senior Mechanical engineer and Head of Braking and Cooling Subsystem department

Designed and performed finite element simulation of the brake pedal, pedal mounts, base plate and brake disk using SolidWorks and ANSYS softwares.

Carried out the topology optimization of all the brake components to reduce the mass.

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Students Society (MIESS) | July 2018 to April 2019

Lead a team of 30 members overseeing a student body of 600+ UG students. Organized departmental talks, fests, industrial trips, sports tournaments, cultural events, and interactive sessions

Design Studios | Jan 2017 to April 2019
Product Designing
Product Designer

Worked with an interdisciplinary team to develop creative solutions and deliverables in the field of Product Design.