Ashish Doorwar
Ph.D. Electrical Engineering Department
PhD (IV Year II Semester)

Student at IITR


Digital protection of power system, Artificial intelligence in power system


Won first prize in student poster contest at the 2019 IEEE Power & Energy Society General Meeting, Atlanta, USA
Achieved AIR 1534 in GATE 2011
Best paper award in National Conference on Emerging Trends in Computer & Electrical Engineering, ETCEE-2014, Gujarat, India
Received Research Associate Fellowship from CSIR, New Delhi

Work Experiences

Lecturer at Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, Gandhinagar
1st Sep 2015 to 19th Aug 2016

• Teaching and supervising undergraduate (B.E.) and graduate (M.E.) students • Conducting research and publishing papers with M.E. students • Assistant In-charge of power system protection laboratory • Assisting with various departmental duties and providing academic support to other staff

Teaching Assistant at Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, Surat
9th Jan 2015 to 31st Aug 2015

• Teaching to undergraduate (B.E.) students • Conducting practical for B.E. students and assisting professors during lab experiments • Assisting with various departmental duties and providing academic support to Professors

Assistant Professor at Atmiya Institute of Technology, Rajkot
8th Jul 2013 to 30th Dec 2014

• Teaching and supervising undergraduate (B.E.) and graduate (M.E.) students • Conducting research and publishing papers with M.E. students • In charge of power system protection laboratory • Assisting with various departmental duties and providing academic support to other staff


Research Scholar, Electrical Department, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
26th Dec 2016 to Present

• Teaching assistant in allocated subjects to conduct tutorials and experiments in the lab and provide academic support to the professors. • Design and development of a new digital relaying algorithm for the protection of the large-scale synchronous generators in super-thermal power plants and validate it with a laboratory prototype.

Teaching Assistant, NPTEL
Jul 2020 to Nov 2020

• Worked as a Teaching Assistant in the NPTEL course titled “Power System Protection and Switchgear” for two semesters July-November 2020-21 and 2021-22. • Duties under this portfolio are to assist the course coordinator in preparing the presentation, recording video lecture, uploading it on “Swayam portal” and “YouTube” after careful review, preparing weekly assignments with detailed solutions, and answering student’s queries on NPTEL online discussion forum.

TYPHOON HIL Workshop, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
Sep 2019

Workshop attended on Typhoon HIL Proprietary modeling environment for high-fidelity real-time simulation of micro-grid and highly dynamic power systems jointly organized by IIT Kanpur and Typhoon HIL INC.


Design, Implementation and Validation of a New Digital Relaying Scheme for Synchronous Generator during Internal Faults in CSIR, Delhi
22nd Aug 2016 to 21st Aug 2019

Technical Responsibilities: • Recognized the problem statement and research gaps in the area of synchronous generator (SG) protection to understand the objective of the assigned project. • Designed a simulation model of the SG network in the real-time digital simulator (RTDS). Also, developed a laboratory prototype for the SG system with the help of a custom-designed generator, DC motor, transformer, loads, CTs, PTs, grid synchronizing equipment, data acquisition kit, and other auxiliary devices with required specification. • Collated and analyzed complex data in MATLAB generated from highly specialized and advanced experiments on simulation and hardware, to develop problem formulation. • Performed a wide and complex variety of assays, tests, and studies on a wide number of patterns obtained from the signal analysis leads to the development of novel algorithms which overcame the shortcomings of the prevailing techniques and met the specifications guided by IEEE Standard PC37.102/D8-2006. • The authenticity of the newly developed algorithm was verified using the designed laboratory prototype of the generator. • After successful testing and validation of the proposed algorithm, the positive outcomes of the analysis are published in peer-reviewed journals and in a referred international conferences with proper acknowledgment. Administrative Responsibilities: • Updates on new tests, methodologies, and reports to the principal investigator relative to feasibility, quality, and benefits of such new developments. • Coordinates purchasing in the project as per IIT Roorkee norms which include specifications writing, submitting purchase indent, floating tenders, invites bidding, technical comparison of bids, and justifications for equipment purchases. • Prepare budget analysis and utilize contingency and consumables budget within the allotted financial year including settlement of the bill. • Deliver a progress seminar that summarizes completed objectives, budget utilization, and proposed tasks for next year with presentation and analytical reports. • Prepare annual progress reports with utilization certificate, claim bill, and consolidated statement of account. • Monitors progress of research project and coordinates progress information between funding agency (CSIR) and IIT Roorkee.

An Artificial Intelligence based condition monitoring system for Power Transformer using real time based analysis in M. Tech. Dissertation
Jul 2012 to Jun 2013

• Study of various techniques of condition monitoring for Power Transformer. • Measuring various monitoring parameters with sensors, designing and training a neural network with real-time data for fault classification and health monitoring of transformer continuously. • Implementation of designed neural network in online conditioning monitoring with online sensors measured value as input. • It was based on the real-time problem of the testing department and O&M department of MSETCL in coordination with R&D and a patent has been filed for this work.


A new internal fault detection and classification technique for synchronous generator by Ashish Doorwar, Bhavesh Bhalja, Om P. Malik

Published by IEEE in 2018

Pages: 739-749
Volumes: 34
Journal: IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery
Half cycle negative sequence differential protection for synchronous generator by Ashish Doorwar; Bhavesh Bhalja

Published by IEEE in 2019

Pages: 1-5
Journal: 2019 IEEE Texas Power and Energy Conference (TPEC)
A review of diagnostic tests and condition monitoring techniques for improving the reliability of power transformers by G. C. Jaiswal; M. S. Ballal; D. R. Tutakne; Ashish Doorwar

Published by IEEE in 2018

Pages: 1-6
Journal: 2018 International Conference on Smart Electric Drives and Power System (ICSEDPS)
Online Condition Assessment of Power Transformers using Neural Network by Makarand Sudhakar Ballal; Gajanan C. Jaiswal; Ashish Doorwar; B. Venkatesh

Published by IEEE in 2019

Pages: 1-4
Journal: 2019 Innovations in Power and Advanced Computing Technologies (i-PACT)
An overview of various control techniques of DVR by Chirag H. Rovai; Ashish Doorwar

Published by IEEE in 2014

Pages: 53-57
Journal: 2014 International Conference on Circuits, Power and Computing Technologies [ICCPCT-2014]


Ganesh Balu Kumbhar

Associate Professor, Indian Institute of Technology Rookee

Makrand S. Ballal

Professor, Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur

Om P. Malik

Professor Emeritus, University of Calgary
+1 403 220-6178


Software Packages

RSCAD (RTDS), MATLAB, PSCAD, LabView, synchroWAVe Event Software, Typhoon, Keysight BenchVue, Omicron Universal Relay Sim Test.

Minor Courses

Digital Protection of Power Systems, Power System Deregulation, High Voltage Technique

Spoken Languages

English, Hindi

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