Ankit Mishra
Ph.D. Electrical Engineering Department
PhD (V Year II Semester)

Student at IITR


Recipient of Travel grant awardee by IEEE PESGRE 2023.
Received Meritorious Fee Waiver Seat during B. Tech in Electrical Engineering July 2015-June 2019
Received Certification of Merit for securing highest marks in the batch of B. Tech Electrical Engineering 2015- 2019 at Rajkiya Engineering College Banda.

Previous Education

Class XII - Intermediate (Class XII) in PCM
Malti Inter College, 2015
Percentage: 83.60%
Class X - Matriculate (Class X) in PCM
ST. Anthony's Inter College, 2013
Percentage: 88.50%
B. Tech (Hons.) - Graduate (UG) in Electrical Engineering
Rajkiya Engineering College Banda, 2019
Percentage: 80.38%

Work Experiences

Summer Internship at National Institute of Engineering (NIE), Mysore, Karnataka
Jun 2018 to Jul 2018

Development of a prototype for Traffic light system using Arduino microcontroller and different sensor.

Junior Research Fellow at Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
Dec 2019 to Jul 2021

The project aims on the physical deployment of battery energy storage system (BESS) in the Indian Institute of technology Roorkee (IITR) distribution network


Speed control of DC motor by Chopper in Rajkiya Engineering College Banda
Dec 2017 to Jun 2018

Simulation of open and close loop model of chopper for desired speed control of DC motor.

Design and development of Internet of things (IoT) based Smart Trash in Rajkiya Engineering College Banda
Aug 2018 to Jul 2019

Developed IoT based Smart Dustbin having features such as automatic opening and closing of lid by using DC motor, IoT based information sharing via ESP8266 WIFI module, Reward to user via RFID card, advertisement display panel for the generation of revenue


Improving System inertial support from PMSG based wind turbines with adaptive inertial and damping control by Ankit Mishra, A. S. Mir and N.P. Padhy

Published by IEEE in 2023

Journal: IEEE International Conference on Power Electronics, Smart Grid, and Renewable Energy (PESGRE 2023)
PHIL Experimentation for Evaluating Advanced Volt/VAR Control Performance of BESS in Active Distribution Networks by Souvik Sengupta, Ankit Mishra, Ganesh Kumbhar and N.P. Padhy

Published by IEEE in 2023

Journal: IEEE International Conference on Energy Technologies for Future Grids (ETFG)
A Reduced order lumped model of solar power plants by Ankit Mishra, A. S. Mir and N.P. Padhy

Published by IEEE in 2022

Journal: IEEE International Power Electronics and Drives Conference (PEDES) 2022
Garbage management with Smart trash using IoT by Ankit Mishra, D. K. Patel, T. Singh, A. Singh and S. K. Gawre

Published by IEEE in 2020

Journal: IEEE International Students Conference on Electrical, Electronics and Computer Science (SCEECS), 2020
Patent Number 2021104166 by Ankit Mishra, Abhijeet Singh, Sheo Prasad Shukla, Shailendra Badal, Pushpendra Singh, Ashutosh Tiwari, Narendra Singh, Anurag Tripathi

Published by Austrailian Patent in 2022

Journal: Australian Patent
Source Papers


Dr. Narayana Prasad Padhy

Director, MNIT JAIPUR and HAG Senior Professor (On lien) IIT ROORKEE, MNIT JAIPUR and IIT ROORKEE

Dr. Abdul Saleem Mir

Assistant Professor, IIT ROORKEE

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