Darshan Kumar
B.Tech. (Computer Science and Engineering)
UG (II Year II Semester)

Developer || SDSLabs


Cloud-Native Technologies, Containerization, and Orchestration


CSAW CTF Quals 2022 - Part of Team SDSLabs, which ranked 17th worldwide, 3rd in India and 6th in the world among UG teams which participated in the CSAW CTF Finals organized by New York University
Prime Minister’s Scholarship Scheme | Scholarship Awardee for session 2021-22, 2022-23
Down Under CTF - Part of Team InfoSecIITR, which ranked 53rd in the world.
ETHIndia 2022 - Part of Team Dope Studio, which was ranked among Top 10 and won IPFS/Filecoin-General Storage Track: Prize Pool and Biconomy: Prize Pool
ETHforAll - Part of Team Doping-Again, which won Superfluid: Prize Pool
Among Top 253 nationwide to have Qualified for INAO 2021
Among Top 317 nationwide to have Qualified for INChO 2021 | State Topper
IOQM 2021 Merit Certificate Awardee
NTSE 2018-19 | State Rank 2

Previous Education

Intermediate - Intermediate (Class XII) in PCM
MIA DAV Public School Mehatpur Una HP (CBSE), 2021
Percentage: 92.00%
Matriculate - Matriculate (Class X) in
MIA DAV Public School Mehatpur Una HP (CBSE), 2019
Percentage: 88.00%

Work Experiences

Backend Developer at Hospito
Oct 2022 to Apr 2023

TIDES, IIT Roorkee-based startup which aims to digitalize health centers. Developed backend infrastructure from scratch and integrated several client services including ABHA APIs.

Software Developer - Cloud Native Computing Foundation(CNCF) at Google Summer of Code
May 2023 to Present

CNCF is the open source, vendor-neutral hub of cloud native computing, hosting projects like Kubernetes and Prometheus to make cloud native universal and sustainable. Working on Cloud Native Buildpacks(CNB) to build out samples and workflows showing how to use Dockerfiles in harmony with a cloud native buildpacks platform. Need to update the pack implementation to be more performant by taking advantage of the available daemon and updating documentation and sample workflows to reflect the changes.


Developer, SDSLabs
Apr 2022 to Present

Involved in maintaining and developing applications for campus students as well as those open to the Internet. Regularly conducted hackathons, public lectures, and competitions to foster the technical culture on the campus. Compete in hackathons and CTF events under the SDSLabs team.


Attique IITR in SDSLabs
Feb 2022 to Mar 2022

Created an information management web app using the SERN Stack to provide users with an ordered way of managing their important tasks.

Tradify in SDSLabs
Mar 2022

Created a mock trading web app using the SERN Stack to provide users with an immersive trading experience. Integrated with the Finnhub API to fetch real-time stock data, ensuring accurate and timely updates on market prices.

Hand Gesture Control Car in ECN-102
Apr 2022 to Jun 2022

Made an RC car using an Arduino Uno microcontroller board and H bridge motor driver. The car could be controlled both by Hand Gestures or via any Bluetooth-enabled device.

RoadBlocked in CSN-291/SDSLabs
Jul 2022 to Nov 2023

Roadblocked is a Decentralised Cab booking app. It provides interactive ride booking with the help of google maps.

Design and Simulation of 5-stage Pipelined Processor in CSN-221/SDSLabs
Jul 2022 to Sep 2022

Implementation of all five stages while ensuring proper data flow and synchronization between processor stages in verilog.

Gasper in SDSLabs
Aug 2022 to Jun 2023

Gasper is an intelligent Platform as a Service (PaaS) used for deploying and managing applications and databases in any cloud topology. Written in Go, it builds and runs applications directly from the source code in docker containers without creating application-specific docker images and building pipelines. Implemented Application metrics API, Database Logs endpoint and integrated Gasper with its client.

Design and Implementation of Configurable Cache Simulator in CSN-221/SDSLabs
Sep 2022 to Oct 2022

A software tool that accurately simulates the behavior and performance of a cache memory system.

Odyssey in SDSLabs
Oct 2022 to Dec 2022

Odyssey is a month-long contribution event to open source organized by the Student Technical Council along with the tech groups of IITR. Worked on building responsive components in ReactJs for the frontend and integrating it with the backend.

Newton in SDSLabs
Oct 2022

A Physics engine with a built-in renderer implemented in OpenGL.

Nymeria in SDSLabs
Oct 2022 to Jun 2023

Nymeria is a unified Authorization and Identity Access Management system. Written in Go, it uses Ory Kratos, an open-source framework under the hood to implement authorization and Identity management of users. Integrated Ory OAuth2 and OpenID Connect support, implemented hot-reloading support, RBAC, and integration of clients. Deployed and managed its reliability which serves more than 10 other apps in production.

De_FL in SDSLabs
Dec 2022

De_FL trains AI models using federated learning accurately on Blockchain. It uses new web3 technologies like IPFS, Biconomy and Polygon to provide transparency as well as security for the end users. Created and deployed Smart contracts over L2 Polygon Network with the integration of BiconomySDK for gasless transactions and Lighthouse library to store in encrypted form over IPFS/Filecoin.

KubePack in CSN-254/SDSLabs
Jan 2023 to Apr 2023

KubePack is a CI/CD pipeline that automates the deployment process of applications to a production environment on a cluster by providing a streamlined and efficient way to manage and deploy the application. Written in Go, It uses Kubernetes Go client and CNB client under the hood to deploy and manage the application directly from their source code. Wrote the service to deploy OCI Image on the cluster using Kubernetes Go Client.

Cloud Native Buildpacks(CNB) in Cloud Native Computing Foundation(CNCF)
Jan 2023 to Present

Cloud Native Buildpacks is a CNCF project that transforms your application source code into OCI images for any cloud. Written in Go, buildpacks were first conceived by Heroku in 2011. Since then, they have been adopted by Cloud Foundry and other PaaS such as Google App Engine, Gitlab, Knative, Deis, Dokku, and Drie. Migrated the run and build Image extension phases from kaniko to the docker daemon, which reduced the run-time of the phases by more than 900%. Implemented several functionalities for the extensions suite of CNB, which includes packaging, inspection, help, and fixed bugs in other services like builder and image.

MetaVid in SDSLabs
Feb 2023

A blockchain-based video platform that aims to provide a secure and efficient subscription-based streaming experience. Created Smart Contracts and Integrated the platform with SuperFluid that enables streaming tokens real time. Integrated web client with all the services.

Eris in SDSLabs
Mar 2023 to Jun 2023

Eris is the client for Nymeria, a unified authorization and identity access management system developed using Ory Kratos. Written in NextJs, It provides smooth onboarding of users for all the applications hosted by SDSLabs. Integrated the front end with Nymeria while writing all the routes, resolving bugs, and deploying the client.

SIC/XE Assembler in CSN-252
Mar 2023 to Apr 2023

Developed an SIC/XE assembler implementing the complete assembly process for the SIC/XE architecture. Implemented a two-pass algorithm for object code generation and parsing and symbol table functionalities.

Cloudifyr in SDSLabs
Mar 2023

A Web3 PaaS that provides pre-built tools and services, making it easier and faster to build and deploy dApps entirely on Blockchain, hence reducing the complexity of blockchain infrastructure. Integrated Cloud-Native tools and wrote the contracts for all the services.

Apr 2023 to Jun 2023

GCTL is the client for Gasper(PaaS) on the command line. It allows users to deploy and manage applications and databases from the terminal.

RusticOS in SDSLabs
Apr 2023 to Jun 2023

Rustic OS is an experimental x86-64 monolithic Operating System written completely in Rust with an attempt to make it as usable for daily driver needs as possible.

SWS in SDSLabs
May 2023 to Jun 2023

SWS, or SDSLabs Web Services, is the web client for Gasper(PaaS). Written in Vue.js, It allows users to deploy and manage applications and databases from a web interface.


Natalie Arellano

Staff Engineer, VMware

Dr R. Balasubramanian

Professor | CSE Department, IIT Roorkee

Juan Jose Bustamante

Member of Technical Staff 2, VMware


Computer Languages

C++, GoLang, JavaScript, Python, TypeScript, PHP, Rust, Solidity, Bash, Assembly, HTML, CSS/SCSS

Software Packages

Linux, Git, Docker, Kubernetes, ReactJS, NextJS, ExpressJS, MySQL, MongoDB, Hardhat, Bootstrap, Vue.js

Spoken Languages

English(SRW), Hindi(SRW)

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