Gurmannat Sohal
B.Tech. (Electrical Engineering)
UG (III Year I Semester)

Student at IITR


Competitive Programming
Web Development


ETHIndia 2022 Hackathon - Part of team Dope Studio which was ranked among top 10 and won Biconomy: Prize Pool and IPFS/Filecoin - General Storage Track: Prize Pool
ETHforAll Hackathon - Part of team Doping-Again which won Superfluid: Prize Pool
CSAW CTF Quals 2022 - Part of Team SDSLabs, which ranked 17th worldwide, 3rd in India and 6th in the world among UG teams which participated in the CSAW CTF Finals organized by New York University
Inter bhawan Football - Secured rank 1 with team Kasturba Bhawan
Down Under CTF 2022 - Part of Team InfoSecIITR which ranked 53rd in the world.
KVPY SA 2020 Stage 1 Qualifier
NTSE Scholar 2019

Previous Education

Matriculate - Matriculate (Class X) in
Saupin's School, Chandigarh (CBSE), 2019
Percentage: 96.20%
Intermediate - Intermediate (Class XII) in Science
Stepping Stones Sr Sec School, Chandigarh (CBSE), 2021
Percentage: 95.40%

Work Experiences

Student Developer - GNOME Foundation at Google Summer of Code
May 2023 to Present

Polari is a modern & user-friendly IRC client with seamless GNOME integration for effortless communication. Enhanced event display logic by clearer representation of older events & handling time-based data presentation. Implemented backlog search, with iterative refinement, using SPARQL and GTK Toolkit to enhance productivity.


Member, Geek Gazette
Jan 2022 to May 2023

Worked with the editorial team and contributed to several published write-ups and interviews.

Member, SDSLabs
Apr 2022 to Present

Involved in maintaining and developing applications for campus students as well as those open to the internet Regularly conducted hackathons, public lectures, and competitions to foster the technical culture on the campus. Compete in hackathons and CTF events under the SDSLabs team


ChatCord in SDSLabs
Feb 2022 to Mar 2022

Developed a dynamic chat application using Node.js and Socket.io, enabling instant messaging and seamless real-time communication between users. Allows users to record and attach videos directly from their webcam feed to their chat messages.

Second Innings in SDSLabs
Feb 2022 to Mar 2022

Developed Second Innings, an innovative solution addressing the persistent challenge of information management in the buying and selling of second-hand items.

Tradify in SDSLabs
Mar 2022

Created a mock trading web app using the SERN Stack to provide users with an immersive trading experience. Integrated with the Finnhub API to fetch real-time stock data, ensuring accurate and timely updates on market prices.

Quizio in SDSLabs
Sep 2022 to Oct 2022

Enhanced functionality through schema, route & controller improvements, testing & creation. Collaborated with the team to optimize user and quiz creation, fetching, and rendering. Implemented backend checks & filters to improve correlation & rendering of data for accurate & relevant presentation.

Eris in SDSLabs
Oct 2022 to Jun 2023

Eris: Client for Nymeria written in NextJs; provides smooth onboarding of users for all the applications hosted by SDSLabs. Developed a user-friendly frontend for seamless user registration and login, simplifying the onboarding process. Integrated the Eris frontend with Nymeria, writing routes, resolving bugs, and ensuring successful deployment, resulting in a reliable and efficient client for unified authorization and identity management.

Odyssey in SDSLabs
Oct 2022 to Dec 2022

Made significant contributions to the Odyssey project, a month-long open-source contribution event Showcased expertise in front-end development by spearheading the creation and compilation of essential pages such as the profile and leaderboard pages. Additionally, took charge of developing multiple front-end components, ensuring their seamless integration and functionality within the project.

Oct 2022

Created a website that streamlines the process of containerization by effortlessly dockerizing applications. Designed an intuitive and user-friendly interface that guides users through the process of containerizing their applications. Implemented automated tools and processes that handle the containerization process, eliminating the need for manual configuration.

Digital Simulation of of Different Logic Gates using VHDL in Electrical Engineering Department
Oct 2022 to Nov 2022

Implementation of behavioural and structural modelling at the circuit level Implemented entire circuit logic and flow of code for various applications in VHDL.

De_FL in ETHIndia 2022 Hackathon
Dec 2022

De_FL trains AI models using federated learning accurately on Blockchain. It uses new web3 technologies like IPFS, Biconomy and Polygon to provide transparency and security for the end users. Implemented Push Protocol and integrated the Biconomy SDK

RusticOS in SDSLabs
Jan 2023 to Jun 2023

Written in Rust, RusticOS is an x86-64 monolithic OS focusing on providing a seamless experience for daily driver needs. Worked on the implementation part of the distinction between user and kernel space.

Zwaard in SheBuilds Hackathon
Jan 2023

Platform for women to report crimes while maintaining complete anonymity. Implemented Polygon ID to enhance the scalability and efficiency of the platform, enabling seamless user experiences and integrated the Push Protocol Created a user-friendly interface for seamless user registration, along with dashboard and pages for complaint registration and action.

Nymeria in SDSLabs
Jan 2023 to May 2023

Written in Go, Nymeria is a unified Authorization and Identity Access Management system that uses Ory Kratos under the hood to implement authorization and Identity management of users. Developed role-based access control in services & middlewares, ensuring secure usage of Ory Kratos functionalities. Successfully integrated Ory Kratos into Nymeria, harnessing its advanced capabilities for streamlined authorization & efficient identity management.

MetaVid in ETHforAll Hackathon
Feb 2023

A blockchain-based video platform that aims to provide a secure and efficient subscription-based streaming experience Created Smart Contracts to establish secure and transparent transactions within the video platform and implemented Push Protocol. Led the front-end development efforts, crafting a user-friendly interface for user registration and dashboard.

Cloudifyr in Blockathon
Mar 2023

A Web3 PaaS which provides pre-built tools and services, making it easier and faster to build and deploy dApps completely on Blockchain, hence reducing the complexity of blockchain infrastructure Wrote smart contracts for services offered, which ensured the proper execution and governance of the services, maintaining transparency and trust.

Gasper in SDSLabs
May 2023 to Jun 2023

Gasper: Intelligent PaaS for app and database management in any cloud written in Go that builds & runs applications directly from the source code without creating application-specific docker images & pipelines. Migrated single node container orchestration from docker daemon to libpod API of Podman Added CPU and Memory metrics, reflecting docker daemon limits, to enhance container resource management.


Vinay Pant

Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee

Tanroop Dhillon

Sr. Software Engineer, Google, India

M. Felix Orlando

Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee

R. Balasubramanian

Professor, Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee


Computer Languages

C++, JavaScript

Spoken Languages

English, Hindi, Punjabi

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