Adyasha Sahoo
Ph.D. Electrical Engineering Department
PhD (III Year II Semester)
CGPA: 9.778/10.000

Student at IITR

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Reading Mythology Fiction Novels
Scientific explanations and Historic evidences of Hindu mythology


Awarded Prime Minister Research Fellowship for Doctoral Studies at IIT Roorkee, May 2022
Institute Branch Topper Medal for Master in Technology in Electrical Engineering, NIT Rourkela, May 2021
Cleared GATE in EE with 591 score and 95.5 percentile, March 2019

Previous Education

Bachelor in Technology - Graduate (UG) in Electrical Engineering
VSSUT, Burla, 2019
CGPA: 8.890
Master in Technology - Postgraduate (PG) in Electrical Engineering (Power Systems)
National Institute of Technology, Rourkela, 2021
CGPA: 9.100
AISSE - Matriculate (Class X) in
BJEM School, 2012
CGPA: 10.000
AISSCE - Intermediate (Class XII) in PCM
GSREM School, 2014
Percentage: 86.20%

Work Experiences

Teaching Assistant at NIT Rourkela
Sep 2020 to Apr 2021

Computer Aided Power System Laboratory- Mentored around 25 post graduate students for understanding the basics of python programming and guided the students on various load flow algorithms for IEEE test systems. Power System Simulation Laboratory- Mentored the graduate students for writing codes on MATLAB for various power system studies such as gauss-siedal, newton-raphson and fast decoupled load flow, short circuit analysis and stability analysis.

Teachning Assistant at NPTEL
29th Jul 2023 to 14th Oct 2023

My responsibilities included summarizing the concepts discussed, preparing quizzes and clearing doubts of the enrolled students in an online live session for the NPTEL course titled " Smart Grid: Basics to Advanced Technologies".

Summer Intern at OHPC, Burla
May 2018 to Jun 2018

Familiarised with the various processes involved in generation of electricity and the operation of generating units. Learnt about the operation and maintenance of 132kV and 11kV switching equipments. Got acquainted with various water and high pressure oil pumps.

Summer Training at CTTC, Bhubaneswar
May 2016 to Jun 2016

Industrial Automation using PLC - Learned to draw one line diagram. Hardware implementation of simple circuits using switches, contactors, bulbs, timers etc. Acquired knowledge about the basics of PLC components and application of electrical drivers, pneumatic.


Volunteer, IEEE ELEXCOM 2023
26th Aug 2023 to 27th Aug 2023

My responsibilities included paper presentation session management, reviewing the papers and support in final publication of proceedings of the conference.

Volunteer, IEEE CERA 2023
27th Oct 2023 to 29th Oct 2023

My responsibilities included hosting the inaugural and valedictory sessions, reviewing the articles.


Coordinated operation of transmission and distribution systems in Doctoral Studies
Aug 2021 to Present

With the advancements in ICT and system digitalisation, the communication between TS and ADS can be strengthened, approaching an optimal system operation. With this setup, TSO and DSO effectively manage their resources, ensuring network constraints and facilitating each other in maximising their offered services, broadly known as ancillary services. Close coordination between TSO-DSO will facilitate reducing the system operation costs and deferring the new investments, which will further enable the energy transition of the power system.

Optimal Rescheduling of Load and Generation for Congestion Management based on MPC in Master's Project
Apr 2020 to May 2021

Enhanced the stability of the power system, when a state is detected vulnerable by rescheduling load and generation. Sensitivity factors (SFs) that relate changes in real and reactive power injections at buses to changes in line flow are calculated. Using these SFs, optimal change in generation and load is obtained using Model Predictive Control (MPC) algorithm subject to various constraints.

AC wave generation from PV module in BTech Project
Jul 2018 to Apr 2019

The maximum power point tracking using perturb and observe method for the optimization of the photovoltaic system using buck boost converter was done. By varying the duty cycle of the boost converter, the source impedance can be matched to adjust the load impedance which improves the efficiency of the system. The performance has been studied in MATLAB-SIMULINK environment and cross-validated with hardware results.


A Decentralised Model for Pricing of Competitive Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Considering the Distribution System by Adyasha Sahoo , Deep Kiran , Narayana Prasad Padhy

Published by IEEE in 2023

Journal: IEEE International Conference On Electrical, Electronics, Communication and Computers
Preventive Voltage Security Constrained Optimal Power Flow Model for Integrated Transmission and Active Distribution Systems by Adyasha Sahoo, Deep Kiran, Narayana Prasad Padhy

Published by IEEE in 2024

Pages: (Accepted)
Journal: IEEE PESGM 2024


Dr. Deep Kiran

Assistant Professor, IIT Roorkee

Dr. Narayana Prasad Padhy

Director MNIT Jaipur, Professor, IIT Roorkee


Additional Courses

Neural Networks- Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Improving Deep Neural Networks(Hyperparameter tuning, Regularization and Optimization), Getting Started with Python and Python Data Structures

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