Vivek Kumar
Ph.D. Electrical Engineering Department
PhD (III Year I Semester)

Student at IITR


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Best Paper Award in 2023 IEEE International Conference in Recent Advances in Systems Science and Engineering (RASSE - 2023)
GATE (IN) Qualified in 2019 with All India Rank 328
GATE (IN) Qualified in 2020 with All India Rank 647
GATE (IN) Qualified in 2018 with All India Rank 1627

Previous Education

M.Tech - Postgraduate (PG) in Process Control
National Institute of Technology, Warangal, Telangana (506004), 2021
CGPA: 8.630
B.Tech - Graduate (UG) in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering
Krishna Institute of Engineering and Technology, Ghaziabad, 2017
Percentage: 79.02%


Research Scholar, Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee
24th Jul 2021 to Present


Mitigation of Cyber-Attacks in Power Systems using Non-Linear Control Design in Control System, Cyber-Attacks
Feb 2023 to Present

This project's fundamental objective is to learn about the different types of cyber-attacks, load frequency control, and their designs. This project is externally funded by iHUB, IIT Kanpur, India.

Automatic Can filling using PLC with RSLogic 500 software in Electronics and Instrumentation
Jan 2017 to May 2017

Nowadays, the application of PLC is widely known and used in this digital world as an application in the industrial sector. Typically, PLCs are used in the industrial field for controlling a mechanical movement, either of the machine or heavy machine, to create efficient production and accurate signal processing. In this project, a discussion about the PLC application will be explained in more detail and specified. A machine that is used to prepare automatic filling water into the bottle is fully controlled by the PLC Micrologix 1400, which acts as the heart of the system. The system sequence of operation is designed by a ladder diagram, and the programming of this project by using RSLogic 500 software. The sensor usually plays a vital part as an input signal transmitter for the PLC in this system. During this project sensor has been used to detect the bottle position that moves along the rotatory disc at a low speed while the machine operates. The input signal sent from the sensor to the PLC has been made as a reference. Signal to determine the output signal the same as the PLC programming language based on the user requirement. Besides that, the electronics and electric devices usually controlled by the PLC are a motor, sensor, rotatory disc, and solenoid valve.

Analytical Fractional filter IMC-PID controller design for Minimum and Non-minimum phase systems based on Maximum sensitivity in Control System
Aug 2020 to May 2021

The existence of right half plane (RHP) zeros makes controlling non-minimum phase (NMP) processes difficult. This work focuses on designing a controller for such kinds of processes. This article proposes a fractional filter internal model control (IMC) based Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) controller for better set point tracking and disturbance rejection of second-order non-minimum phase processes with dead time. The effect of time delays and RHP zeros on the system's controllability can be easily identified through IMC. Higher-order estimation for dead time is also considered in the design, as it provides a better response for higher-order processes. Designing a controller based on maximum sensitivity (Ms) is the novelty. A comparison study has also demonstrated the superiority of IMC-based fractional-order controllers over integer-order IMC controllers. The closed-loop system results are evaluated for the perfect model, perturbed model, and measurement noise using integral absolute error (IAE). Total variation is used to estimate the controller effort (TV). The range of Ms has discovered at which system provides stable performance for controllers developed utilizing different order page's estimate of time delay. A robust stability analysis is performed for model uncertainties, and a fragility study is conducted for controller uncertainties.

Solar tracking system using LabVIEW and Arduino in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering
Aug 2016 to Nov 2016

The work in this project is based on the tracking of the Sun position with the help of the Solar Tracking System. Here we used an Arduino-based controller, which is programmed by LabVIEW to control the stepper motor. Due to continuous changing in Sun's position, we need to move the solar panel continuously so that we are able to get maximum efficient solar energy.

TV Remote Operated Domestic Appliances control using microcontroller-based system in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering
Oct 2014 to Nov 2014

This project is based on designing a TV Remote Operated Domestic Appliances control using a microcontroller-based system where the home appliances are controlled from a remote location through a TV remote device which is an Arduino-based controller. And the controlled variables are: switch on/off the power supply, Temperature control of AC etc.


Analyzing and Mitigating of Time Delay Attack (TDA) by using Fractional Filter based IMC-PID with Smith Predictor by Vivek Kumar, Yogesh V Hote

Published by IEEE in 2022

Pages: 6
Journal: 2022 IEEE 61st Conference on Decision and Control (CDC)
Source Papers
Analytical Series-PID controller design with Smith Predictor approach for analyzing and mitigating the Time Delay Cyber Attack (TDCA) by Vivek Kumar and Yogesh V. Hote

Published by IEEE in 2022

Pages: 5
Journal: 2022 IEEE International Conference on Power Electronics, Drives and Energy Systems (PEDES)
Source Papers
Controller Design Based on Fractional Filter with IMC-PID: Application to Servo System and Single Area Power System by Vivek Kumar and Yogesh V. Hote

Published by IEEE in 2022

Pages: 1-6
Journal: 2022 IEEE 1st Industrial Electronics Society Annual On-Line Conference (ONCON)
Source Papers
Analytical Design of IMC-Based PID Controller for Non-minimum Phase Process with Time Delay by Vivek Kumar, R. Ranganayakulu, G. Uday Bhaskar Babu

Published by Springer, Singapore in 2022

Pages: 13
Volumes: 870
Journal: Control Applications in Modern Power Systems (LNEE)
Source Papers
Modelling and Control of a nonlinear distillation column: A, using fractional-order controllers by Omar Hanif, Shipra Tiwari, Vivek Kumar

Published by IEEE in 2021

Pages: 7
Journal: 2021 IEEE 18th India Council International Conference (INDICON)
Source Papers
Fragility evaluation of Integer order controller under process and controller parametric uncertainties by Ranganayakulu Rayalla, Vivek Kumar Tripathi, Uday Bhaskar Babu Gara

Published by IEEE in 2020

Pages: 4
Journal: 2020 International Conference on Power, Instrumentation, Control and Computing (PICC)
Source Papers


Prof. Yogesh V. Hote

Associate Professor, Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, Uttarakhand


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Minor Courses

Control System Design, Internal Model Control, Fractional Order PID Control

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English, Hindi

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