Aman Chandrakant Khapekar
M.Tech. System and Control
PG (II Year II Semester)
CGPA: 8.000/10.000

Student at IITR


Secured AIR 298 in GATE

Previous Education

ssc - Matriculate (Class X) in general
Shri Rajendra High School, 2014
Percentage: 87.80%
HSC - Intermediate (Class XII) in science
Nandanwan jr. college, 2016
Percentage: 83.69%
B.E - Graduate (UG) in Electrical
Shri randeobaba college of engineering and management, 2020
CGPA: 8.150

Work Experiences

electrical at BSNL, nagpur
Dec 2018

All the works including management and working process of the whole building, in which working of all electrical and cooling system workings maintenance works.


Cadets, Road safety patrol (maharashtra police)
Jan 2012 to Present

Done various physical and social activities.

Winner, NSS
Feb 2017

Event mind spark

Dec 2018 to Present

Organized the college technical and cultural fest.

particiapant, YHAI(youth hostel association of india)
Dec 2018 to Present

Done national level treks

Participant, International conference on Power electronics,Drives, Emergy, Power system.
Dec 2019

Participate on discussions and conference

Robust and Reliable VLSI circuit design Participant, IIT ROORKEE
Apr 2023

Participated in 3 days long workshop on 'Robust and Reliable VLSI circuit design' organized by IEEE CASS SBC, IIT ROORKEE


Handwriting machine in Shri ramdeobaba college of engineering
Nov 2018 to May 2019

Created a handwriting machine using an **Arduino and a CNC (Computer Numerical Control)** machine which involves a combination of hardware and software components. The CNC machine controls the movement of a pen or other writing tool to create precise drawings or handwritten text, while the Arduino provides the control logic to execute the desired patterns.

Apparent power minimization technique in Shri ramdeobaba college of engineering
Jul 2019 to Jul 2020

Minimizing apparent power in a power system is an important goal to improve energy efficiency and reduce power losses. **Automatic Power Factor Correction (APFC)** is a common technique used to achieve this by optimizing the power factor. However, in this, we look into alternatives or additional methods to minimize apparent power

Control of Hydraulic control unit (HCU) in anti-lock braking system using Verilog in IIT Roorkee
Jan 2023 to Apr 2023

this project attempts to design a controller for a Hydraulic control unit(HCU) present in an antilock breaking system of a single-channel ABS in two-wheelers. FSM for HCU is designed and implemented to achieve desired slip of 0.2 while breaking.

Digital Control of DC MICROGRID(M.TECH Thesis) in IIT Roorkee
Jul 2023 to Present

In this thesis work, i studied different control strategies based on voltage and current, created a model of the partially small system, and generated control pulses for the controller using Matlab and c2000ti(Texas Instrument) microcontroller. Creating and implementing for real-time simulation hardware for controller and model using OPAL-RT.

Design and UVM verification of 8 bit RAM | Self project in IIT ROORKEE
Sep 2023 to Present

This project is to design 8-bit RAM and perform its UVM verification. Aim is to explore UVM verification technique.



Associate professor, IIT ROORKEE

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