Gaurav Kumar
M.Tech. System and Control
PG (II Year I Semester)

Student at IITR

Previous Education - Graduate (UG) in Electrical Engineering
Delhi Technological University, 2019
CGPA: 7.160
Matriculate (Class X) - Matriculate (Class X) in
St. Angel's School, Delhi (CBSE), 2013
CGPA: 9.000
Intermediate (Class XII) - Intermediate (Class XII) in
St. Angel's School, Delhi (CBSE), 2015
Percentage: 89.00%

Work Experiences

R & D and Production at Allied Engineering Works
May 2018 to Jul 2018

• Part of the Research and Development team under metering department. • Overlooked the production process of single phase and three phase static energy meters. • Analyzed and Tested 29 different conditions of tampering an energy meter. • Part of Quality Assurance team under wiring department. • Assisted in Quality check for the project of Purvanchal Vidyut Vitran Nigam Limited.


Foot Step Power Generation in Delhi Technological University
Jan 2019 to May 2019

In this project, we are going to design a setup that contain few piezoelectric sensors that will be able to generate sufficient amount of voltage by the application of strain on them. The output of single piezo tile is extremely low, so combination of piezo tile is connected and the output voltage can be seen in a LCD screen.

Robust H∞ Output-Feedback Yaw Control for In-Wheel-Motor Driven Electric Vehicles with Differential Steering in IIT Roorkee
Mar 2023 to Apr 2023

H∞ control (H-infinity control) addresses the challenges of uncertainty and disturbances that are inherent in real-world driving scenarios. The core objective of this research is to design and implement a control system that excels in two key aspects: robustness and performance optimization.

Implementation of SPI Protocol using Verilog in IIT Roorkee
Jul 2023

In this project we are using **SPI Protocol** to connect microcontrollers, sensors, memory devices, and other digital peripherals in embedded systems. SPI is a full-duplex protocol, which means that data can be transmitted in both directions simultaneously. It is a popular choice for embedded systems because it is simple to implement and provides high data transfer rates.

"Design and Verification of Synchronous and Asynchronous FIFO using Verilog"| Self Project in IIT Roorkee
Jul 2023 to Aug 2023

FIFO is a design block used for the synchronization and transfer of data between two components, which work on either the same or different clocks. The project aims to design a **FIFO** block with calculated depth and write a Testbench using **Verilog**.

Learning based Anit-Sway Control of Overhead Cranes in IIT Roorkee
Jul 2023 to Present

Learning-based anti-sway control of overhead cranes is a technology that aims to reduce the swinging or swaying motion of loads being transported by overhead cranes. We are using **Reinforcement learning** to reduce this Sway, we have created the **Simulink model** of our environment in MATLAB and using RL based control framework to solve this problem. This swaying motion can occur due to various factors, including wind, operator input, or external disturbances, and it can be problematic as it reduces the precision and efficiency of crane operations, and it can also pose safety risks.


Sohom Chakrabarty

Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee

Last Published on: 17 December 2023, 22:37:30